Innocence Lost

Growing up I did not know what a vegan was. My sister decided to be vegetarian when I was between ten and twelve (around 1980?), I guess – so I’ve got 30+ years of experience in this realm. However I’ve only had a plant-based diet and had a serious interest in animal rights for for a few years – since I was around 40.

With little warning but lots of support our three kids have grown accustomed to this world where pets are the only animals that are safe. Obviously there are many other families who have to explain to their children why people eat animals. 

Here is a thoughtful essay on the topic:

Forks to Feet and VegRunChat

Found a great new site, Forks to Feet along with their excellent twitter feed! From their website:

What is #VegRunChat?

#VegRunChat is a Q&A chat on Twitter which is typically moderated by Forks to Feet (@forkstofeet).  The purpose of #VegRunChat is to connect plant-based runners, share tips, get advice, and (most importantly) have fun.  Throughout the hour, we will ask several questions.  Give us your best answers and have fun responding to other runners’ answers.

When is #VegRunChat? 

#VegRunChat begins each Sunday night at 9PM ET.  Each chat lasts an hour and will cover a variety of plant-based running topics.

Who participates in #VegRunChat?

Runners of all levels are welcome to take part in #VegRunChat.  Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned ultra-marathoner, we hope that you will join us.  Anyone is welcome to participate in our chats, but we ask that you keep the conversation focused on running and/or  plant-based nutrition.  We also invite those of you looking to start a plant-based diet, or just looking to add plant-based fuels to your workout.

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