Fridge time

It’s time to put some fermented foods in the fridge! The two quarts of cauliflower from 1/2/19 and the quart of brussel sprouts from 12/26/18 have stopped bubbling so the metal lids can now replace the silicone airlocks and we can top off the jars with a little Berkey filtered water. A new jar of cauliflower bits was started the other day on 1/29 and it is overflowing out the airlock a little! I like to ferment these jars on the window sill so that I can keep an eye on them.. out of direct sunlight of course.

2019 ferment number 01!

Some brussel sprouts started fermenting on December 26th. Then I dehydrated some kale and fermented the kale stalks for a couple days – this was a half quart jar. Today 1/2/19 I drained off the kale juice and started up some cauliflower with that juice along with some garlic and ginger and pepper. Then also I started a separate cauliflower fermenter with more ginger and garlic and pepper and tumeric. These large mouth quart jar airlocks are great!

The contrast between the cauliflower will be interesting!